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This section provides answers to the most popular questions from the Truckingworld LTD customers. If you did not find the answer to your question, use the feedback form and our customer support will help you!

What is Trucking World LTD?

Trucking World LTD – is the undisputed leader in the market of logistics services. Today our company renders a full range of services in transportation and storage of bulky freights worldwide! At the disposal of our company more than 1000 units of transportation equipment: truck tractors, freight railway cars, aircraft, loaders, trucks and others.

Is the company officially operating?

Yes, the activity of the company and the platform is carried out officially and is regulated by the jurisdiction of the UK. You can check the legal information about the company in the official register of UK companies.

Does the company pay tax and insurance fees?

Yes, the company pays all necessary tax fees, according to the jurisdiction of the UK.

What guarantees does Your company provide to investors?

The company guarantees the safety of the Deposit and the return on investment, according to the terms of the chosen investment plan. In case of investment risks and financial costs in the global economy, the company provides for an internal insurance Fund. The amount of the insurance Fund is 5 000 000 USD.

What will happen to my investments if the company decides to complete its activities?

If the Board of Directors of the company for any reason decides to complete the activity, the information about this will be posted in advance on the official website of the platform and deposits will be returned to the external accounts of investors from which deposits were made to the investment account on the platform.

How to create a personal account?

To register your personal account You need to read the rules and conditions of work on the platform and fill in the required fields in the registration form

Is registration on the platform free?

Yes, registration is free.

What is login?

This is the name of Your account on the site. Login must be created when registering a personal account. In the future, you will need a login when logging in to your account.

Why do I need to specify e-mail when registering?

Email will be required to restore access to your account in case You forget your password.

The e-mail address is not shared with third parties, so all Your data will be completely safe.

What password is better to create for login?

When creating a password, we recommend that you follow these rules:

- the password must not coincide with Your login on the platform or other logins available to third parties, as well as placed in the public domain;

- password should not consist of easy combinations like "12345.."etc.;

- the password must not be the same as Your email password or passwords for accounts opened on other devices that third parties have access to.

Under no circumstances should you give access to Your account to third parties.

I can not register, what to do?

First of all, check the correctness of the registration form. All fields in the registration form are mandatory. If You are sure that the registration form is filled in correctly, write a request to the support service on the website and our specialists will help You.

Is it possible to become an investor if I am a minor?

No, investing on the online platform of Trucking World LTD is only possible when you reach the age of majority in the country of which You are a citizen.

I forgot my password from my personal account, what should I do?

Use the password recovery function via e-mail linked to your account.

A new password will be sent to the e-mail address you provided during registration

I forgot my login, what to do?

Write an appeal to the "support" and enter the e-mail that You used to register. Your login will be sent to it.

I forgot my username and password from my personal account, how to restore accesses?

Please contact support and enter the e-mail you used to register. Your login will be sent to it. Then use the password recovery function.

My personal account was hacked, how to restore access?

To restore access to your personal account, please contact "support" and enter the e-mail that You specified during registration.

I want to change my wallet for crediting funds, how do I do it?

You can change the wallet number yourself in your personal account in the "Details" section»

How to start investing?

In order to start making a profit you need to register, top up your balance and buy any lot you like.

After successful payment, Your Deposit will be opened automatically within 1 minute,

If your Deposit has not been credited within one hour after depositing, please contact support on the website

Is there an additional fee for replenishment?

On the side of the online platform Trucking World LTD there are no additional fees. But when replenishing the deposit, there is a commission on the side of some payment systems.

To open a deposit in USD:

-Payeer: 0.95%

-Perfect Money: 1.99%

- Cryptocurrency: 1.99%

To open a deposit in RUB:

-Bank Visa / MasterCard / Maestro cards: 2.9%

-Payeer: 0.95%


I do not have accounts in these payment systems, what to do?

To conduct investment activities, You need to create an account on any of the payment systems available on the website.

Can I open multiple deposits?

Yes, you can open an unlimited number of deposits

Can I increase my current Deposit?

Yes, You can replenish Your current Deposit at any time by purchasing an additional lot or part of it.

How long after funding will open my Deposit?

Your Deposit will be opened automatically within 1 minute, except for cryptocurrency deposits. Cryptocurrency is credited only after 6 confirmations of network transactions, which usually takes no more than 1 hour. If your Deposit has not been credited within one hour after depositing, please contact support.

Can I use the funds accrued in my account to open a new Deposit or replenish the existing one?

Yes, certainly.

What types of deposits are there?

3 investment plans are available for investors. More detailed investment plans Can be found in The marketing section

What is the minimum amount to create a Deposit?

The minimum investment amount is 50USD and 100 RUB .

On what days is the profit accrued?

Profit is calculated depending on the chosen tariff fee

Do you return the Deposit body?

The refund of the Deposit depends on the chosen tariff plan.

What is the validity of deposits?

The term of deposits is from 1 day

Is there an additional fee for withdrawals?

withdrawals with 5% for visa and 2% Commission for other .

After what time will I be able to withdraw my profit?

Withdrawal is done every day. 5 working days . Money is withdrawn from the charges and the return of the deposit, as well as from referral charges and premiums. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 0.2 or 10 rubles.


5 working days

How long does it take to withdraw funds?

Regulations 5 working days.

What is affiliate program?

A multi-level affiliate program is available on the platform of Trucking World LTD. To participate in the affiliate program, you need to invite new investors via Your referral link. More details can be found in the section "Partners".

Where can I get my referral link to invite new investors?

Your personal referral link is listed in your account 

Who is referral?

This is a new investor invited by You, who has registered by Your personal referral link or the link of Your partners.

What is referral fee?

This is a reward for inviting new investors.

Are there any restrictions on the number of invited participants?

No, there are no such restrictions on the platform.

Can I get my reward for inviting a partner without opening a Deposit?

The user can not withdraw money back if you have not made a Deposit for this amount. You can only withdraw money from accruals.

Can I change the person who invited me in my personal account?

No. If You have opened a Deposit, then the user who invited You will immediately receive his reward, so you can not change the inviter.

Do I have to invite other participants?

No, participation in the affiliate program is not mandatory.

Why do we need advertising banners?

To place media advertising platform on Your referral link on your personal website or on other Internet sites.

What is a bonus system?

The bonus system allows you to receive one-time cash payments under certain conditions.

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