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About the company
Welcome to the official site of the Trucking World logistics company!

Trucking World LTD is the undisputed leader in the logistics services market. Today, our company provides a full range of services for the transportation and storage of bulky goods worldwide! Our company has more than 1,000 units of transport equipment at its disposal: traction unit, freight railway wagons, aircraft equipment, loaders, storage-battery cars, etc.

The total storage area of our company is more than 240,000 square meters. The warehouse complex of Trucking World LTD allows us to place up to 180,000 pallets for safekeeping at one time and handle up to 890 vehicles of various capacities per day!

More than 50,000 enterprises and individuals in various parts of our planet are clients of our company. In addition, for more than 10 years of our existence on the market, we have signed many partnership contracts with the largest suppliers-manufacturers of China, USA, Taiwan, Pakistan, India, which ensures a direct delivery of goods from manufacturers directly to our warehouse!

The modern field of logistics services is developing exponentially, and brings great profits to both importing companies and exporting companies.

It is not a secret for anybody that the main reason for the high marginality of imported goods is the favorable price of the manufacturer for the high volume of purchases. Also, an important factor in the low purchase price of goods is the form of purchasing products according to the “prepayment” scheme.

Given this fact, the Trucking World LTD company provides its customers with a unique opportunity to earn money on the purchase of large quantities of goods from manufacturers and then sell them through an extensive partner network of retail and wholesale dealers.

How does it work?

  • Private investors of the company jointly buy a large batch of goods (lot) directly from the manufacturer at a price several times lower than the market.
  • Lots purchased by our company are delivered to distribution centers and shipped in smaller batches to partners of the company.
  • Distributed lots are sold to retail and wholesale customers at market prices.

Thanks to the use of this kind of mutually beneficial cooperation, Trucking World LTD has the ability to continuously and stably expand its zone of influence, displacing smaller market players, while paying guaranteed dividends to private investors of the company!

To ensure a stable flow of cargo, our company uses 3 types of land and air transport: Airplane Shipping allows us to deliver relatively small shipments of cargo to our partners in the shortest possible time, allowing you to make a profit in the short term, Truck Shipping allows us to move more cargo, but for longer term and guarantees a stable income to our investors in the medium term, Railway Shipping - allows us to move the largest cargo that provides the maximum dividend in the long term perspective.
Today, the transportation structure of Trucking World LTD is as follows:

  • Airplane Shipping 70%
  • Truck Shipping 20%
  • Railway Shipping 10%

This distribution ensures maximum throughput of our sorting centers and storage facilities, while ensuring the smooth operation of all transport hubs of our company!

430 cars
26 aircraft
570 trains
Our mission:

Our mission is to provide customers with products, services and the environment that will help them to achieve higher efficiency by reducing costs, increasing profits and providing perfect control over the company's management.

By working with a Trucking World retailer, you receive:

  • The best on the market price of goods sold
  • Low cost of transport services
  • The ability of continuous scaling

We focus on teamwork and stand firmly behind our work and our clients not only throughout the project, but also after its completion. We build long-term relationships and further develop solutions in accordance with changing trends and customer requirements.

Our mission is to find new ways to improve the quality and longevity of people

We use an innovative approach based on our own developments to solve the most socially significant logistics issues. We develop a revolutionary approach to the well-being of citizens and find new ways that will provide the most people with wealth.

We also aim to increase investment returns to reward those who have invested their money, time and ideas in our company.

Our vision is to become a recognized world leader making changes to the practice of logistics.

Modern logistics is a prerequisite for our economic well-being: transport helps to overcome poverty.

We contribute to economic prosperity and make the world a better place.

On the road: our activities ensure that there is food on the table and new roads that you drive.

In the city: our activities are part of your daily life. Most of the objects around you are in your life only because of us.

Off road: we deliver essential goods so that they can be with you as soon as possible, and may have given you faith in humanity again!

The Trucking World LTD company cares for the preservation of the ecosystem at the local and global levels, regularly conducts monitoring of waste emissions at enterprises to prevent exceeding the environmental standards. We use only environmentally safe materials when transporting our goods and do not allow the environmental contamination!

Road Map for 2019
January 2019
Conclusion of direct supply contracts

Organization of the preparatory stage of intensive interaction of the entire chain of sale and purchase of lots. Conclusion of contracts with the largest manufacturers of household appliances, food, medicine, as well as various components for gadgets.

February 2019
Commissioning of additional transport and unloading equipment

Preparation and re-equipment of storage and sorting centers, retraining of personnel, the introduction of new technologies, the purchase of additional fixed assets, the preparation of the technical component of the process.

March 2019
Active lots selling start

Final testing and launch of an electronic lot implementation system. Launch of a specialized investment site that allows any investor to make a purchase of a lot or part of it for subsequent profit.

April 2019
Expansion of the zone of influence

Launching the program in the largest countries of Europe, Asia and North America, localization of the program site content in several languages of the world. Launch training programs for a better understanding of the process by investors

May 2019
Opening of new transport interchange points

At this stage, it is planned to gradually open new warehouse facilities to ensure better throughput of cargo hubs in order to increase cargo traffic in all areas of the company’s activities.

June 2019
Opening of new transport routes

At this stage Trucking World LTD plans to open special opportunities for earnings on sea transport, which allows delivering huge cargo flows to different parts of our planet. In addition, it is planned to open its own transport hub in the port of Tianjin.

July 2019
Formation of own fund to help entrepreneurs

Using all the capabilities of our company, we will provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs from around the world to start their business on mutually beneficial terms. In this case, we will provide future partners with all the necessary knowledge of the issue for the successful implementation of all plans.

August 2019
Transition to blockchain technology

This transition will ensure the autonomous existence of all the sorting centers of our company, which will undoubtedly affect the overall cost of our company, thereby reducing the operating costs of the company.

September 2019
Completion of the absorption of market players

Thanks to a well-organized structure of work, by this date full absorption of market players is planned, followed by occupying leading positions in the industry.

October 2019
Starting our own public transport network

Using all the achievements in the logistics sphere, it is planned to gradually enter the passenger transportation market in order to occupy new market niches.

November 2019
Opening of driver retraining centers

With the development of the company, we will need new personnel who will be able to begin immediate work in the conditions of uninterrupted work.

December 2019
Opening of our own production

By the end of 2019, Trucking World LTD plans to open its own production facilities to create a full Business-Consumer cycle.

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